Cleverpet Hub: A Very Unique Game Console Specially Designed For Dogs


If you happen to have a dog that is home alone for hours every day, then the CleverPet Hub maybe offer him a fun and autonomous diversion.  A majority of dog owners know they are the center of their dog’s world.  However, every day you have to leave home to go to work, school or other activities which leaves your pet home alone.  Remote cameras might let you check-in and maybe even let you to tell your dog whether they are being bad or good via Smartphone.  However, for a dog that has behavior problems or separation anxiety that might not be enough.  The product called CleverPet offers a much more entertaining alternative for a lonely pet that doesn’t have anything to keep him occupied.

CleverPet Hub utilizes positive reinforcement to engage and train a dog with different complex tasks involving touch-pads, lights, and sounds.  When a task is successfully completed, your dog is rewarded. The dog owner needs to make sure that the food compartment within the robotic dog trainer is kept stocked with dry food or treats.

What Comes In The Box

The CleverPet dimensions are 7 inches high, 15 inches wide, 16 inches deep and weighs 11 pounds.  The front of the product has an extended-lip position with 3 touch-sensitive “lighted pads.”  There is an opening indent in the middle dome where the food tray comes out and then back in from inside the dome.

Another suggestion made by the manufacturers is while you are setting the CleverPet Hub up to not have your dog there.  They also suggest that you introduce your dog to the device at a time when they are hungry.  The first thing you will want to do is check the food hatch’s silicone seal to make sure that it is secure.  Next, open the dome latch so that the food-pod can be taken out.   Fill the pod up with and 2 1/2 cups of dry food or treats that is 17 millimeters large at the most (size of a dime).  Wet or crumbly food isn’t suggested since it will stick inside the product and be a real pain to clean.  Every once in a while take the food dish out and wash it using a mild detergent and then use warm water to rinse it out.

Now take out the Hub along with the food pod, food tray, and food dish and follow the instructions for attaching the hub end on the power adapter.  Don’t plug the power-adapter into a wall sock since at this point you are handing control over the CleverPet Hub software.  A majority of users are impressed with how smoothly the operation goes.  To start with the first thing you will do is download the CleverPet app for iOS or Android and then launch it.  Next, the app will tell when it is time to plug into the Hub and will provide you with step by step instructions on how to get it connected to your Wi-Fi.  After it is connected, the app helps you find a good place for positioning the Hub.  The device has non-slip rubber feet on it, so it won’t move. however, it is still recommended that you put it against a wall or in a corner.


When using the CleverPet, a dog typically goes there a number of different stages.  In the first stage, you want to get your dog comfortable with the device, including the colored lights that randomly show up under each touch pad and the sounds it makes as well.  The food tray mysteriously slides out with some dry food or a couple of dog treats.  After a short period of time, a tray slides back in whether or not the dog has taken the treat or food.  

The concept here is encouraging the dog to begin taking the food or treats and to start to touch the touch pads.  When the dog takes the food or treat, the CleverPet app then records it and you are given feedback every time your dog advances.  To start with any touchpad will release the food or treat, then it moves onto releasing only when the touchpad is lit.  That advances to the touchpad becoming to similar to a Simon say game where the dog has to touch the lit up pads correctly in sequence before they get rewarded with food or a treat.  The training from CleverPet is based on positive reinforcement.  That weans whenever the dog is right, they get a reward, and when they make a mistake, nothing happens.