How To Increase Your German Shepherd’s Intelligence In 3 Easy Steps


Any pet lover enjoys spending time with their dog. Going for long walks or playing frisbee in the yard or other similar activities are enjoyed both by the owner and the dog. These games and other similar activities are great for the health of the dog and for building a strong connection between the dog and its owner, but it does very little for testing or improving the intelligence of your dog. Here we will take a look at three steps to increase your dog’s intelligence.

Understanding The Difference Between Activities That Improve Your Dog’s Intelligence And Those That Don’t

Some have likened the brain of smart dogs to that of a young child. They believe that the dog can think and act with some level of understanding. For example, in this article on how smart German Shepherds are.

And anyone that has an intelligent dog will agree. But some activities can help increase this level of intelligence while others do not.

Spending time with your dog and having them fetch, or playing tug of war, or having them go for a swim in the pond to retrieve the Frisbee are all great activities that can be enjoyed by both the dog and its owner. But these things only serve to give the dog exercise and build the relationship between the dog and its owner. These activities, on the other hand, do not serve any need for the dog to think more deeply to perform these tasks.

If you want to increase your dog’s IQ, then you will need to participate in activities with your dog that puts them in a position of having to think more deeply to accomplish the task.

3 Steps To Increase Your Dog’s Intelligence

1. Hide The Owner

This game is just like one of the children’s favorites called hide and seek and it requires two people and the dog. One of the people would have to hold on to the dog and distract them while the other goes and hides. Once the person is well hidden, then the dog will be encouraged to find them. The dog did not see where the person went and had no knowledge of where to look.

Having the dog to search and use their ideas about how to find the person will significantly improve their IQ over time. When the individuals involved in this game highly reward the dog when they are successful, then the dog will be greatly encouraged to continue playing this game. The better the dog gets at using their abilities to find the person, the more it helps to increase their overall IQ.

2. Doggie Treasure

Go on a treasure hunt where you and your dog search for doggie treasure. When the treasure is something that he will actually enjoy, then it makes it the perfect treasure hunt for this activity. The key to this exercise is to make it very easy at first and then slowly make it harder to find the treasure.

Begin by having your dog sit and stay while you hide something that they enjoy but in a place that is very easy for them to find. Allow them to find it several times easily. Then begin to find just a little bit more complicated place, making your dog work a bit more to get the treasure.

3. Stick Rings

Any parent knows that there are toys that help children develop mentally and physically. It’s also true with dogs. Having rings that are placed on a hook or stick gives the dog an opportunity to fetch the ring and bring it, and then instead of just putting it on the ground, they put it on the hook or over the stick. This increases physical coordination and mental acuity.